Intervention at Castle Hill

At Castle Hill we use the Graduated Approach to ensure that we are catering for all children’s needs. Sometimes children need some extra support (wave 2 intervention) and come out of class for a short time to receive specialist help in a particular area.

There are many different reasons why children may need some additional help at various times in their primary education. Often a short catch up programme may be enough, although a longer intervention may be necessary in some circumstances. Occasionally, children may have a block of intervention followed by a consolidation period back in class to have the opportunity to use the new skills they have learnt. They will be monitored and then discussed at the next review cycle and may need a further block of intervention.

We always let parents know when a child begins and finishes a particular intervention by sending home slips containing this information. Periodically, there will be explanations of all the different interventions included in the parent newsletter which will hopefully address any questions parents may have. Parents are encouraged to ask their child’s class teacher in the first instance if they have any intervention queries. 

Castle Hill has an intervention team led by Mrs Walczak. TAs with specific expertise in the various interventions lead 1-1 and small group sessions. Details of all of the interventions are described in the tabs below. TAs carefully plan their timetables and are very flexible to ensure that children are not adversely impacted by a short intervention time out of class. Ideally they do not take children during teaching explanations. The children are also aware that they need to let their teacher know that they have returned to the classroom to catch up on any missed learning.

Mandy Walczak 

Assistant Head for Inclusion