Design and Technology

At Castle Hill we embed design and technology throughout the curriculum, offering practical and creative processes to support learning. Through whole school projects the children use creativity and imagination to design and make products that explore and solve problems. This process allows pupils to consider the needs and wants of their products against the aims of the project.

Through design technology, the children acquire and apply a range of other subject skills. The process of design can involve several steps that may involve mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art.

Pupils also learn how to experiment, test ideas, take risks and critique ideas throughout the different stages of design. Our aim is for the children to acquire a repertoire of skills throughout each key stage that has been developed and applied through meaningful experiences.

Design and Technology at Home

There are number of ways to support your child developing skills in design and technology at home. For example, having a range of construction materials to build with such as Lego. You can also collect your own junk modelling supplies by saving and reusing packaging from food such as cereal boxes and bottles.

When your building or creating something encourage your child to explore different ways of approaching the task to see which one was most successful. Ask them to plan or think through an idea before they start to build to help further develop the design process. There are some excellent ideas for home craft projects on websites such as Pinterest and programs such as ‘Mr Maker’. There are also fantastic programs explaining how things work such as ‘Do you know?’

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Whole School Design and Technology Overview

DT subject overview 2021-2022.pdf

Please contact Natalie Cook or Katie Tyrrell to find out more about our Design and Technology curriculum.