Forest School

Meet our Forest School Team!

River Raven

I have been leading Forest School for the last 2 years at Castle Hill and I can honestly say it is the best job ever! I have always enjoyed walks in the countryside and exploring the outdoors, even on the coldest, wettest of days you will find me outside splashing in puddles. My favourite part of Forest School is sitting around the campfire enjoying a toasted marshmallow!

Rainbow Rachel

I have been teaching Forest School for many years now and I LOVE IT! I enjoy exploring the wonders of nature, being creative with anything I can find and cooking yummy treats on the fire!

Reindeer Roo

Roo has been a Beaver/Cub Scout leader for the last 8 years and loves putting the out in scOUTing!! She joined us in September. Roo enjoys building anything and everything and loves a bit of bug hunting, we bet you can’t find a bug that will make her go ‘urghh’! Roo also enjoys cooking on (and singing around!) the campfire both at home and at Scouts and hopes to bring along some new ideas to the Forest School at Castle Hill.

What happens at Forest School?

As part of the school curriculum this year, all children will be participating in Forest Schools at certain points throughout the school year.

Forest School promotes learning through play and allows the child to develop their imagination, learn resilience and resourcefulness, and how to appropriately self-manage risk. These sessions are always child led (to foster independence), long term (to build trust and relationships) and outside (to gain the many physical and emotional benefits from being in nature).

Examples of the things that the children might participate in include: den building, cutting firewood and fire building, crafts such as dream catchers or whistles, tying knots, making rope swings, flora and fauna ID as well as stories and cooking food on the fire.

All activities are risk assessed and the children are taught how to use all tools safely and appropriately. There are also strict rules around the campfire and an adult is always present whilst the fire is lit.

Scroll down to see some activities you could try at home.

Forest School clothing.pdf

What should my child wear?

We go outside in all weather conditions and it is often unpredictable. Many children find it very cold, muddy and wet as they spend either the whole morning or whole afternoon outside for their sessions.

For Forest School your child should come to school dressed in a black tracksuit with appropriate underlayers for the season. Thermal long sleeve tops/trousers are great underlayers (River Raven wears 4 layers in the winter and 2 pairs of thermal socks!).

Your child should then bring a warm, waterproof coat and waterproof trousers (ski/salopette style are ideal), a spare pair of thick warm socks (no trainer socks or thin ankle socks), a change of footwear (snow boots/wellies) and gloves/scarves/hats. Your child will need these clothes each week of the term that their house is participating in Forest Schools. Jeans, sandals, shorts, strappy tops are not allowed to be worn.

Forest School timetable 21-22.pdf

When will my child be doing Forest School?

All children will participate in Forest School for two separate half terms throughout the year. They will have 1 session a week during that half term. Please see year group timetables for further information about when your child will experience Forest School.

Timetables can be found here - Term dates and the school day.

Why not try some of these Forest School activities at home?

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Gods Eye.mp4
Nature Creatures.mp4
Clove Hitch Knot.mp4
Mini Ropeswing.mp4
Flower Hearts.mp4
Happa Zome.mp4

Forest School at Castle Hill

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Whole School Forest School Overview

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Please contact Jo Raven-Lloyd or Rachel Johnson to find out more about our Forest School.