At Castle Hill Primary School, we recognise the importance of History in every aspect of children’s daily life. History teaching should inspire children’s curiosity to know more about the past; allowing them to ask perceptive questions, think critically, understand evidence and develop their judgment and perspective. History enables children to have an awareness of the complexity of different people’s lives and the diversity of societies, as well as understanding their own identity and challenges.

History is taught across each year group and enables pupils to study in depth key historic understanding, skills and vocabulary. Each module aims to inspire curiosity and build upon prior learning, including EYFS, to ensure high quality cognition and retention. The modules are carefully sequenced to enable children to purposefully layer their learning from previous lessons which facilitates the acquisition of key historic knowledge. Modules are revisited either later in the year or in the following year as part of a spaced retrieval practice method to enable children to retain key information and vocabulary. 

At Castle Hill, we aim for our pupils to:

Aims of the History Curriculum

The national curriculum for history aims to ensure that all pupils:

History at home

Ways to help develop historical skills at home: 

• Discuss your own personal stories of the past. 

• Research historical figures / events together at home. 

• Get out old photos and see how they fit. 

Photographs are a great way of bringing history to life, they can ignite a child’s natural curiosity and help them to develop an enquiring mind. 

Prompt questions

• What did you used to look like? 

• How has ...... changed? 

• Where did ......... come from? 

• Who lived here first and how do we know? 

• How has this place changed? 

• Why do we remember that?

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Please see below for the Intent, Implementation and Impact of our History Curriculum.

History Subject Intent, Implementation, Impact

History games

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Please contact Cath Sharp to find out more about our History curriculum.