What do I need?

At the beginning of the year you need to bring a bag of spare clothes to put on your child’s peg with…

  • spare knickers/pants

  • spare socks/tights

  • spare trousers/skirt

  • spare t-shirt

  • spare jumper/cardigan

  • a bag to put wet clothes in

  • wellies for the mud kitchen (we do have some spare to lend children too)

These are important to have just in case your child has an accident, their lunch drips on them, their water bottle spills on them, they fall over in the mud outside, they get wet in the water tray or paint gets on them. Even if your child doesn’t usually need a change of clothes they may need one at school.

Each day you need to send your child to school dressed in their school uniform with…

  • a named book bag (they do not need a backpack as well)

  • a named water bottle

  • a named coat (even in the summer they should have a light jacket in their book bag just in case!)

  • a named sun hat in the summer

You will not need to provide any food as all children in Reception are entitled to and receive a free snack, milk and lunch during the morning.