SU Curriculum

Within the SU your child will receive a broad and balanced curriculum covering all subject areas.

This curriculum will be highly differentiated to meet each individual’s needs.

Group learning

The children will carry out the majority of their learning in small, adult led groups. Within these groups each individual will be targeted to ensure they are being pushed to their full potential

Independent work

Where it is felt appropriate your child will complete independent work. This will not only help their confidence to grow but will ensure they have the skills they need to become independent learners. Dependent on your child needs these tasks may be presented; 1-1, in small groups or at individual workstations.

Targeted work

Your child will be set specific learning targets each half term. To ensure your child meets these targets they will carry out 1-1 targeted work at least 3 times a week. This will enable their learning to move forward as quickly as possible.


Each child within our SU's have their own set of needs and some require specific interventions. These may take place in small groups or 1 to 1. They will cover cognitive learning, social and emotional development and sensory processing.

Each half term your child will bring home a curriculum overview. This will briefly tell you about the topic your child will be studying and what curriculum areas they will be covering.