At Castle Hill we are lucky to have a variety of facilities that will help to make your child’s day run smoothly.

All three of our classrooms are spacious allowing the children to move around the space freely. We currently have Early Excellence furniture that allows us to separate the classroom in to designated spaces such as construction, maths and creative. The children have full access to all learning resources and can freely use these when needed.

Support Orford Classroom

Support Framlingham Classroom

Support Eye Classroom

Located within each classroom are their very own toilets and basins. This allows the children to be fully supported with any toileting needs they may have.


Each class has access to its own set of toilets and changing facilities. These are available to the children all day long.

Sensory Den

Each class has its own sensory den. Within each den is a variety of sensory equipment that your child can assess if they feel things are becoming too difficult in class or if they just need a quiet space to collect their thoughts.

We also have a sensory room. This has a variety of sensory equipment in it. It is accessed by both small groups or individual children who have sensory related needs.

Intervention and Workstation Room

Within our area we have a designated intervention and workstation room. This room allows us to take children on a 1-1 basis to do targeted work with them away from the hussle and bustle of the classroom. It is also used for children who need access to an individual workstation to complete their work.

Our classes have access to their own outside area. At Castle Hill we feel very strongly that learning should take place both in and outside the classroom.

Within our outside area we have:

Mud Kitchen

Sand Pit

Construction Area

Water Wall

Music Area

Maths and Literacy

Gross motor equipment