A day in the SU

The school gates open at 8.45am when children will be greeted by members of staff. The bell will then go at 8.50am. The children will line up and be taken in to school by their class teacher.

When the children arrive in the classroom they will hang up their bags and coats.

The children will then take part in Sensory diet.

Next the children will have dough disco.

The children will then be split into their phonics groups.

After that the children will start their maths or literacy focused learning.

Then we have snack time.

After snack time the children go out to play.

After playtime we continue with maths or literacy.

Then it’s time for lunch.

After lunch we have Maths Meeting.

We join the whole school for Assembly.

Then we have sensory diet.

After that we get into our ‘Super 6’ groups.

For the rest of the afternoon we complete our topic work.

The school day ends at 3.15pm. The children are escorted to the playground by their class teacher where they will be handed over to their adult.