Use of Motional and our PSHE

Motional measures the different emotional systems in the brain (CARE, SEEKING, PLAY, FEAR, RAGE, PANIC/GRIEF based on Professor Jaak Panksepp’s work) and several key executive function skills (handling stress, thinking & concentration, confidence & self-esteem, interpersonal skills, and emotional literacy – written by Dr Margot Sunderland) to give a whole brain picture of a child’s emotional and mental health.

We carry out termly universal group assessments of our classes and use Motional to write a specific program for the class based on their specific needs. These are discussed at our pupil progress meetings.

For children who need a more specific approach an individual universal or, in some cases, comprehensive assessment is carried out. This allows us to develop individual programs which is either delivered by the class teacher/year team or by one of the Trauma Informed practitioners.