Our Trauma Informed Practitioners

We have four Trauma Informed Practitioners who have undertaken a Level 5 diploma which has enabled them to have key insights into the psychology and neuroscience of mental ill-health and challenging behaviour alongside vital tools and techniques in knowing how to respond to a child’s narrative of painful life events. So often this is enough to prevent years of suffering and the medicalising of their distress with psychiatric labels and medication. Delegates will also be trained to know when to seek the support of psychologist-led supervision, and when, due to limits of competence, to refer on. 

Our practitioners are:

Mrs Squirrell, Miss Smith, Miss Taylor and Mrs Whiting.

Miss Smith is available full time for all of the children in our school, she has a nurture base which is designed to be more close to home, than a classroom.  

Mrs Squirrell is available for our families and often supports them to carry out this approach at home, providing them with activities and ideas.