Physical Education

Physical Education

The children at Castle Hill are traditionally very sporty and this tradition we want to continue! At Castle Hill we are passionate about ensuring all children are developing in all aspects Physically and socially. We have a strong belief in making sure that our PE lessons are suited to the needs of our children and are challenged as often as possible. We are delighted to be working with Charlotte Davies who is the director of Fit2Learn. She holds the National Professional Qualification for Head teachers and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Through Daleen Smith she came to understand the link between child development and cognitive skills. In 2012 she founded Fit 2 Learn; and subsequently trained as a Tomatis Consultant. In 2016 she won the prize for best case study at the Tomatis Paris Convention. Fit 2 Learn is a social enterprise company that combines research and advice to all people on how they can achieve their potential through good control of their own basic physiology. We have planned our PE curriculum around the national curriculum and the help of Charlotte by using her book ‘The Maze of Learning’ to gain ideas to incorporate into lessons.

As a KS1 child PE will build on key skills such as balance, coordination, core strength, sending and receiving skills and much more. Building on them each half term so that skills taught in previous terms will be recapped and built on as often as possible. KS2 will be the same but with a more tactical and social element, ensuring children build on key skills as well as incorporating these skills into team games. All children to be screened twice a year. In September/October, all children will be screened to gain a base line as to what primitive reflexes they may have and other key movement patterns. From these screenings, we will develop actives that will be incorporated into every PE lesson. These activities include primitive reflex exercises, core strength exercises, fundamental movement exercises and much more. In June, every child will be screened again to then see what impact it has had on the child.

Children will be sent home a letter, which has one primitive reflex every half term. The idea for this is so that both the parents and children can practise this once a day to increase chances of eliminating the reflex.

After school and extra curriculum provision:

Throughout the year children will gain knowledge and experience in many different sports including Gymnastics, Dance, OAA, Athletics, Basketball, Archery, Volleyball and much more. Incorporating many fundamental skills, team games and individual body work. Please see below our PE overview for more on what we provide. Our sports leaders will be organising intra house sports competition allowing each child to compete and represent their house in a sport. From this, children will be selected to represent the school in additional sports outside of school thanks to Suffolk School Games and IPSSA.

We are proud to say we offer many after school activities for children to attend across KS1 and KS2. Please visit parent pay to sign up.

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