At Castle Hill our aim is to ensure that the teaching of Mathematical concepts is accessible to children, and that they develop a positive attitude to the maths learning. We use a five part mastery model to teach concepts This ensures that the children understand how concepts works in ‘real life’ and their understanding is such that they can approach a concept from a number of angles. We aim for the children to develop a ‘can do’ attitude, where they recognise themselves as fluent mathematicians.

The 5 Part Model

At Castle Hill we aim to develop in all children:

High expectations – of themselves and each other. To have a passion and enthusiasm for mathematical concepts, language and ideas and to consider themselves as ‘mathematicians’,

Independence – to become fluent in maths, and to confidently and efficiently use and select appropropriate written and mental methods.

Resilience – to be able to solve problems by applying their mathematical knowledge to a range and variety of problems, even those problems which are unfamiliar, and to real life scenarios.

Innovate – to reason mathematically and follow a line of enquiry, to convince using justification, proof and mathematical language.

Enjoyment – because they are developing increasing mathematical fluency and ‘can do it’.