Forest Schools

Forest Schools

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What happens in Forest School?

As part of the school curriculum this year, all children will be participating in Forest Schools at certain points throughout the school year.

Forest School promotes learning through play and allows the child to develop their imagination, learn resilience and resourcefulness, and how to appropriately self-manage risk. These sessions are always child led (to foster independence), long term (to build trust and relationships) and outside (to gain the many physical and emotional benefits from being in nature).

Examples of the things that the children might participate in include-
den building, cutting firewood and fire building, crafts such as dream catchers or whistles, tying knots, making rope swings, flora and fauna ID as well as stories and cooking food on the fire.
All activities are risk assessed and the children are taught how to use all tools safely and appropriately. There are also strict rules around the camp fire and an adult is always present whilst the fire is lit.

What should my child wear?
Forest School happens in all weathers including snow, rain and heat (unless extreme and deemed unsafe). With this in mind please provide your child with appropriate clothing for the weather. Your child will need these clothes each week of the term that their house is participating in Forest Schools.

An example of the clothes needed are- waterproof coat, waterproof trousers, wellies/waterproof boots, warm underclothing (jogging bottoms and jumper). **We do have waterproof coats and trousers available for all children however; these are not warm so old, warm clothing would still be needed**

When will my child be doing Forest Schools?
All children will participate in Forest schools for two separate half terms throughout the year. They will have 1 session a week during that term. You will be notified of the exact day that your child will participate by their class teacher.

Autumn 1 Framlingham
Autumn 2 Orford
Spring 1 Eye
Spring 2 Framlingham
Summer 1 Orford
Summer 2 Eye

We hope that all parents are as excited as we are that Forest Schools is now part of the curriculum, however if you do have any questions or concerns then please contact Mrs Raven-Lloyd or Mrs Pope who are the trained Forest School Leaders.

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