Super 6

Super 6

Super 6

Each day the children take part in ‘Super 6’. This involves a variety of activities that help them to develop their social skills, communication and interaction, fine and gross motor skills and emotional wellbeing.

Lego Therapy

Lego theory is a social development programme that helps children to develop their social skills. The children work as a group and take on different roles to enable them to work together to create structures.

Gym Trail

Gym trail is a circuit of activities that help to develop children’s fine and gross motor skills.


Jabadao uses a series of movements to develop children’s physical play.

Nurture Group

We look at the children’s social, emotional and behavioural development and how we can address any issues that may be causing barriers to learning.

Fine motor group

The children carry out a series of activities that help to develop their fine motor skills so that they are able to carry out every day tasks with success.

Board game group

The children are taught how to play board games together. Firstly, it is modelled, then structured and supported, working towards the children eventually being able to play games independently.