Specialist Support

Specialist Support

Wave 3 – Intervention

Occupational Therapy

A Children’s Occupational Therapist will help to minimise a child’s difficulties and improve their ability to learn, socialise and play. They will find ways to overcome any problems they experience in participating in activities and assess and treat the child’s needs in the following areas:

  • OTs may offer assessments and analysis of children’s everyday activities, play, self-care; and school work.
  • Fine motor skills and effective use of hands in play and school.
  • To identify a child’s strengths and difficulties and offer therapeutic approaches and interventions to find solutions
  • OT’s have specialist knowledge about child development, daily function and independence skills, e.g. feeding, dressing and toileting.
  • Assess the need for therapeutic equipment e.g specialist seating, bathing and toileting
  • Advice on environment and minor adaptations e.g. rails.
  • OT’s help a child improve their ability to learn, socialise and play.
  • To gain a good quality of life and achieve their potential.

In Year Fair Access Panel (IYFAP)

The Local Authority’s Fair Access Protocol is underpinned by monthly In Year Fair Access Panels (IYFAP) for three areas: north, south and west.

The IYFAP process creates a single referral pathway for all schools, academies and stakeholders, so alternative provision and support for vulnerable learners can be quickly accessed, thereby preventing exclusion and non-attendance. Vulnerable learners are not only those who exhibit challenging behaviour, but also students who may have health needs.